TOP 5 Funny Bakra Eid Jokes , Eid Funny Wishes , Pics


This time the Bakra Eid 22 is August 2018. In reference to this Muslim festival here we have posted Best Bakra Eid Funny Jokes, Bakri Eid Funny Picture, Eid Funny Wishes. Share this Funny stuff on WhatsApp and Facebook , Along with wish, you can also laugh at your friends and family.You can also download the Eid Al-Adha mubarak Funny picture easily, hence there is also available single click download button.

On the occasion of Bakri Eid, we have posted for Bakra Eid Funniest Images for WhatsApp and Facebook for DP. You share this jokes pics of Eid and give your friends and family a happy talk of Goat Eid. After read this Bakri Eid Funny Images and Jokes, The laugh is guaranteed to come.

You must have seen lots of fun posts on Eid But we have created uniqe Funny Eid Mubarak stuff here. Which is read, laughter is fixed. Many websites every year, old images, content remains there. We have brought to you here a brand new and fresh article for Bakra Id.
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Eid Funny Wishes Jokes

Eid Funny Wishes Jokes
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कर चले हम फिदा जानो तन साथियों
अब तुम्हारे हवाले मटन साथियों

Bakra Eid Funny Pic

Bakra Eid Mubarak Funny Pic
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Vegetarian लोगों को भी बकरा ईद मुबारक हो…

Very Funny Eid Jokes

Very Funny Eid Jokes
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Dear गुलाबो,
मैं कुरबान होने जा रहा हुँ,
अगर तुम मेरे से सच्चा प्यार करती हो तो
मेरे जाने के बाद कोई बोयफ्रेन्ड मत बनाना
उम्मीद है कि, अगली ईद तुम मेरे पास पहुँच जाओगी
Miss You so much..
तुम्हारा मै… मै…

Funny Bakra Eid Jokes

Funny Bakra Eid Jokes
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आज मेरी जान पे आ बनी है, और इनको सेल्फी की पड़ी है

Eid Mubarak Jokes

eid mubarak Jokes
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मुर्गा – ईद मुबारक हो भाईजान
बकरा – भाग साले यहाँ से

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